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I can blog again - Deep Background
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Date: 2008-07-13 23:41
Subject: I can blog again
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I haven't really felt free to blog for about five months now. That's because there was one big thing gnawing away at me, and I couldn't write about it, and that made it nearly impossible to write about anything else. The big thing was that I was applying for a job at a large purveyor of sports-related clothing near Portland, Oregon whose name rhymes with Mikey (of Life Cereal fame). Now I've got the job, which I'll be starting roughly the second week of August. It's an extraordinary opportunity; in the next year, I'll have the chance to build my own team, travel several times to Europe, and get to know a whole new part of the country. But this was not an easy decision, even though the company I work for now is having all kinds of financial problems. So I have a number of observations, ruminations, and memories to catch up on in the next few weeks. I will try to be diligent.
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